10 Rules of success of B&S

  1. We speak the same language
    We work from our office in London, but we are from Russia. In working with us the clients will not have language or cultural barriers. The clients talk to us, and we keep contact and ensure proper communication with international lawyers and other external specialists.
  2. We know by heart Russian and post-Soviet legal and business environment operates
    We are qualified Russian lawyers with experience of working for major Russian corporations. There is no need to explain to us how business in modern Russia and other post-Soviet countries operates. We know from our own experience ins and outs of relations and corporate culture within Russian corporations. It greatly helps to understand clients’ requests and priorities in order to propose optimal strategy of dealing with certain dispute or running non-contentious project.
  3. We know well London and international legal markets
    Having many years of working in legal consulting in London as well as extensive experience of cooperation with major international law firms, counsel, and individual legal experts (e.g. in the USA, Cyprus, Switzerland, Sweden, Eastern European countries, offshore jurisdictions) while acting as in-house counsel we are able to choose most suitable lawyers for particular clients’ needs.
  4. We have minimal conflict of interests
    We are small team. We have no thousands lawyers in offices all over the globe. As a result, we are almost entirely conflict-free in comparison to larger firms.
  5. We are part of your corporate team
    We are an independent firm yet we are part of our client’s team. In practice, we are project-based virtual international legal department for our clients. We have no overseas bosses sitting somewhere in the head office in the US, we bear responsibility only to our clients.
  6. We know proper people
    We closely cooperate with London offices of various English and American law firms, as well as with individual barristers. We have years of long standing relations with many of them and fought many tough battles together. We know whom to hire for particular projects (keeping in mind tasks and budgets). We have established contacts with lawyers in Russia, CIS countries, Eastern European countries, Cyprus, USA, Switzerland etc.
    For many years we have also worked closely with leading academics acting as independent legal experts in international disputes involving issues of Russian law and law of other post-Soviet states.
    We know and able to recommend investigators, auditors, forensic experts fit for particular purposes in various jurisdictions.
  7. One stop service
    Legal project work is a process based on personal relations and personal trust. Various firms and individuals might be involved in different jurisdictions working on different aspects of the matter, but our clients know that we are the ones in charge and responsible for the performance of other participants, the answer is usually one call away. Our clients know they can call us 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  8. Costs predictability and budget control
    We strongly believe in predictability and transparency of legal costs. We understand the importance of budgeting. This approach helps us to avoid unnecessary nasty surprises, hidden costs and waste of time and effort on discussions regarding payment of fees.
  9. We value your time
    You will not have to repeat everything twice to us. Clients give us instructions, information, documents once, and it is enough. We do not lose it, we do not forget it, same people run projects from the beginning until the end.
  10. We keep our promises
    Our reputation is our only asset. We value clients’ trust and bear responsibility for our words and promises. By the way, we are always on time.