About the firm

B&S Legal is a consultancy based in London. We specialise in legal project management and handling international commercial disputes. Having many years of legal experience working in different capacities in Russia and then in the United Kingdom (in-house counsel, working in major international law firm, independent external advisor) we decided to set up an independent legal boutique in London and focus on what we know best, that is working on legal projects related to Russia, CIS, and Eastern Europe. Since its creation in 2013 the firm went from strength to strength and we are happy to help our clients solve their legal problems and, more importantly, achieve their business goals.

From our London office we provide the following services:

  • Handling multijurisdictional international commercial disputes;
  • Legal project management and legal support of international corporate projects and transactions;
  • Providing services of virtual international legal department for our clients;
  • Assistance to law firms dealing with clients from Russia and Eastern Europe.

Our clients come to us when they have any problems with international element. In collaboration with the clients we decide how to solve these problems most effectively taking into consideration limited available resources (financial, time, human, information resources etc.). For each project we put together a team of our experts and external consultants tailored specifically for particular assignment, considering client’s needs and wishes.